What is new with icebreaker.io crew

Welcome to our new site. Following the great success of our Google glass app we have decided to go further and found up a tech development company for various niches and business. We have come to the conclusion that today’s business needs constant and up to date software for analysis, development and expansions.
As of late we have stopped support of the icebreaker app but soon you should expect from us many, many more awesome apps for daily users, large and small companies – well for everyone shortly said.

What are our new projects and what to expect from us in the near future

As of late we have started working with several companies from the online forex trading niches. We have built some awesome internal maintanance system for this site. It includes unique forex brokers finder, notifications, personal logins, daily updates, newsletters and etc. At the moment the program is in beta mode and we hope by the end of 2017 to be fully operational.
In November 2014 we have started working with cooperation with forexuk.org in order to deliver for them a new forex trading platform dedicated for the uk forex traders. The platform will have unique low latency, super fast speed of delivering the orders and unique rates. The broker will be ECN which is the best choice for the moment on the markets, for that venture we are working with close cooperation meilleurtauxdechange.ch

And some new tips and tricks app

Following our success working with online trading companies we were aproached by the team of www.forexlessons.org which has asked us to create a mobile app for all main platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone, which app will be able to monitor behaviour of the companies clients – forex traders. Monitoring the trades, the volume and the market behaviour it will create tool for tips, guidance and directions for proper online forex trading. We do believe that this is one of our most complex projects, but once done it will be a killer app on the market.

Where we find our crew and how we manage so many and big projects

tech-team-icebreakerWe always look to get more smart and professional people. So if you are matching the description of a nerd – maybe you should use our contact us page and apply to us.
Overall we focus on the team, of course we love strong individuals but if you can not work in a team, then the situation is a no go for us.
We are looking for designers, C# coders, Ruby on rails coders(programmers), content editors, marketing analysis and researchers. Have in mind that we do check every CV applied so go ahead and send it over.
And as some last words we would like to describe what else is ahead for our dev teams, and it is multiple big projects for various companies in the online trading and igaming niches, with our first project in that niche already started – toponlinebookies.com. We have come up to the conclusion that the companies in the those sectors are one of the most stables and serious business partners in the world.

How we see the future

We see it as total mind game. No joke we firmly believe that in our lifetime the computers and the people will be one thing. So many factors are leading that way. Starting from the wear, to the daily small things going through peacemakers, robotic bones and etc. So our goal is to be a strong part in this new cyber world. Like it or not that is the future and our chance to be part of it is greater than anyone else. Of course we will strugle to get the funding needed for new test developments and research, so we hope with this site we will find the so much needed funding.