About our team

How we got to here

The success of the Ice breaker app has made us think a bit for a larger and more intense future, so we have decided to grow, and to grow as big as we can.
Many would say that developing of software and apps in the past few years has created so many companies in the tech world, that you can not possibly count them. Well yea we are also in that number, but what we offer – well noone else has it.
We got unique team with unique minds. You should always expect from us to deliver the most and latest high-tech apps and softs that can be possibly created with the today’s technologies. We got a speacial team of researchers that their only job is to dig, lurk in most deep spaces of the web and onlie tech world, just to come up with brilliant ideas of how we should expand our company.

What we found out in our lurking

We have came up to the conclusion that every company is unique. Every coder is unique, every designer is unique and so on and so on. We got the chance to meet some of the most unique people in the world, and we found out that even the guy that totally looks like 0 production comming from him is giving us the most awesome ideads a company leader would ever find.
Anyway we are working hard on improving our company and we hope that in the comming years we will be one of the global leaders in the online gaming, trading and app production.