Overview of our achivements

Well it is worth to mention the reason of our existing – the famous Ice breaker app. When we first found out the first presenation date of Google Glass we have decided to go all in and create something unique, so we came up with the idea of our app.
It was a small and cute app with one main goal – finding common people and getting to meet and know them

What the app is for

In general it is like a game, the participants are both playing in this. It starts with the app finding a person using glass nearby, then your goal is to find it, and in result you will get awesome conversation, new friend, some pictures and whatever the life gives you at that certain point.
It offers a unique experience for the people using and we will be working hard on rebuilding it and offering the most awesome experience to the users.

What we consider to add there

We are also looking to more social expand of the app with integrating social feeds into it as well and we wil try to make it useful for business people and financial traders to use sites in the forex/binary options retail sector like – bestbinaryoptionsbonuses.com or the binary options trading guide – bestbinarytradingbrokers.com.
This big integration will take us longer than what we expected but we are pretty confident that it will be a killer product at the end. Stay tuned for all updates here.